Saturday, October 24, 2009

US drone attack kills 25 militants in Pakistan

At least 25 militants, including six foreigners, were killed and several others injured today when a US drone targeted a compound in Pakistan's Bajaur region where top Taliban commanders were holding a meeting.The compound attacked by the drone belonged to a close relative of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan deputy chief Maulvi Faqir Mohammad.Officials of Bajaur Agency's political administration said a meeting of the local Taliban 'shura' or council was being held in the house in Damadola area. twenty-five militants died in the strike. The dead included Faqir's son-in-law and nephew and two top militant commanders.Faqir Mohammad left the compound about 10 minutes before the strike occurred at about noon, TV news channels reported.The strike destroyed several underground bunkers built by the militants and damaged nearby houses. -PTI

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